April 21, 2024
André 3000 Revisits Possibly Making A 'Fire-A**' Rap Project


Andre 3000 In Concert - New York, NY

Andre 3000 – Source: Astrida Valigorsky / Getty

Once again Andre 3000 is revisiting the idea of making a solo rap album and he thinks it’s “one of hardest things to do” at his age.

The ever-elusive rapper is staying in the spotlight longer than we expected thanks to his new project New Blue Sun and now he’s even gracing the cover of High Snobiety for issue 34.

Anytime Andre 3000 does interviews it’s always worth checking out because he’s such a fascinating human being, and inevitably, the topic of a solo rap album comes up every.

Once again Dre shared his feelings about actually accepting the task and he gave an honest answer.

“I would love to make a rap album. I just think it’d be an awesome challenge to do a fire-a** album at 48 years old,” he explained. “That’s probably one of the hardest things to do! I would love to do that. That’s the cool thing about my whole ride. It really is a ride.”

By now it should be clear that in his mind his age and subject matter are the biggest hurdles on the path to completing a solo rap album but he has support from the likes of Lil Wayne who publicly told him to “swing for the fences” despite approaching 50.

People are showing up and filling venues to hear 3K play his flute, so they would happily listen to him rap despite the artist’s hang-ups.

Elsewhere in Andre 3000’s High Snobiety cover story, 3stacks reveals he is launching a workwear label modeled after the cozy overalls he’s been wearing for decades. The publication says that he line could be a collaboration with Amsterdam-based tailor Bonne Reijn who has a respected name in workwear. If that’s true then this partnership could be a match made in heaven.

Are you excited about Andre’s potential workwear brand?



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