February 29, 2024
Kanye West Likens Himself To Robin Hood, Drops Yeezy Merch To $20-Wants To Give It Away Free

Kanye West is comparing himself to a Robin Hood character after lowering the price of all merch on his Yeezy store to just $20. 

On Sunday evening (February 11), Ye took to Instagram to announce the move and his motivation behind it. West claims he wanted GAP to give his Balenciaga collaboration to customers for free, but the brand refused to allow it.  

“I’m a bit of a Robin Hood,” Kanye West explains in an interview snippet. “People can go and say, ‘OK. This multi billionaire went and spent $4 million on Balenciaga in one year.’ But did I bring the designs back down to earth? As much as I could, because GAP didn’t take it to $20 the way I wanted to.” 

According to Ye, the brand wanted to “protect the classism of the idea of Balenciaga and the idea of GAP. Or the idea of a Gap and Ye collaboration and Balenciaga collaboration.” He added, “Let’s take it and get it to free, but at least get it to $20.” 

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Everything in his store, including all Vultures merch and his newly released Yeezy Pods, are on sale for $20. However, the move has angered fans who recently purchased the sock-like shoes at the original price of $200.  

“Bought them for $200 2 months ago now they’re $20,” one fan wrote in the comments of his video. “I’m sick.”  

It appears Kanye West is ready to go on another press run, despite the controversy that followed after he made a string of antisemitic remarks in interviews and subsequent rants during his last Yeezy campaign.  

Ye shared another snippet from an upcoming interview with Justin LaBoy. In the clip, Kanye West praises his Vultures collaborator Ty Dolla $ign. 

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The duo recently shared their new project, although the release hit a bump in the road, which saw the project temporarily removed from DSPs. Ozzy Osbourne lashed out at Ye on social media after learning Vultures Vol. 1 includes an uncleared sample of the Black Sabbath single “Iron Man.” 

“I want no association with this man!” Ozzy declared while wife Sharon branded Ye a “disrespectful antisemite” who “represents hate.”

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